Co-founder & curator, 2012-present

We run a series of TED-like tech conferences in Paris: dotJS, dotCSS, dotGo, dotSwift, dotPy.

Acquired by Welcome to the Jungle in 2019.

Past projects


I'm an active angel investor.

You can email me if you are fundraising.

Indirect Investments

As an investor in a few funds, I have indirect stakes in more companies.

Due to confidentiality and volume, this section is not exhaustive.

Via TheFamily

Algolia, PayFit, Side, Heetch, Doctrine, MobileClub, WeMaintain, SoShape, Stanley Robotics, Luko, Asphalte, Fempo, ...

Via Daphni

Backmarket, Lunchr, Comet, Shine, Margo Bank, Ekim, Lifen, Holberton School, Another Brain, Butterfly, ...

Via 50 Partners

Bird Office, Energiency, Glowee, TokyWoky, Animaute, Deliveree, Eplaque, SnapEvent, Ecojoko, Everphotoshoot, Katan, Le Closet, Prêt à Changer,


sylvain [at]