Jamendo: now with full Blog powers!

Jun 03, 2006

The latest weeks have been very exciting for Jamendo. We shipped several "Web 2.0" (or whatever it will called now) upgrades of the website, the latest being Blog support.

I implemented both metaWeblog API and Atom API so that we can post everywhere. Currently I have some trouble with Blogger because they seem to be updating their backend. I'll wait for them to calm down...

Anyway, you can now blog your reviews on the most common blogs out there (TypePad, WordPress, DotClear, LiveJournal, MovableType, Typo, etc...), the previous entry is the first test I made ;-)

I hope the community will use this feature heavily because I spent the last couple of days hacking...

I'm quite proud of the autodetection feature ;-) You just have to enter the URL of your blog homepage and Jamendo will detect its type and API address. Try it now !