jamendo evangelism

Tonight I went to Metz’s most “cultural” place : Les trinitaires. I have plenty of great memories in this place: Bob Mintzer, Damien Prud’homme, Omar sosa, … the best jazz concerts I’ve seen so far!

Anyway, this time it was for business: I had to meet the managers of a great band called Torpid, and evangelize jamendo. I think I succeeded, they seemed really interested and didn’t see any downsides to putting the music online. Well that’s true, isn’t it? I told them about things like the Wired CD and Magnatune, and it just went fine. They seemed really impressed when I spoke about the Beastie Boys and Chuck D being featured on jamendo :) Of course it was quite intentional!

I wish I could talk a bit more about numbers, and not stay in the “that’s really gonna be huge” approach! I explained the traffic of lesfrontaliers.lu (a nice website managed by the same team), and that impressed them even more than the Beastie Boys :) I think when we’ll have some nice stats for jamendo, that’ll ease the things when speaking to artists.