My first python app!

I’ve been working on a new exciting app since yesterday. I called it “ccLive”. It will allow jamendo, and I hope many other commoners all around the world, to record live gigs, and to copy MP3s or Oggs to the audience’s USB keys seconds after the last chord! Of course files will be automagically properly tagged, named, and so on. I even think we’ll be able to make their CC licenses validate!

Of course, I wrote my first line of python 20 hours ago, so the GUI still looks terrible and the code is quite a mess, but it does work! I used wxPython & XRCed. I implemented XRC import for the GUI and threads for I/O stuff with the help of Nathan Yergler and of some nice folks on #wxwidgets. The code is in the jamendo tools CVS on sourceforge. It only records on Linux with arecord, but it should be recording on OS X and Win32 in a few days.

How does the app work? Basically, you fill in metadata, and then you start the recording. you can then push “stop” or “next track”. You have to enter the tracknames while the songs are performed and once a song is finished, its encoding to OGG/MP3/FLAC starts. Handy!

We’re going to test it at a Both rehearsal very soon!