Come back…

Okay so it has been a long time since I posted my last entry … my life has been a real mess in the past two months and I can’t really blog when I’m like that :-) No time to think, just going ahead …

So what’s up?

  • I entered my nice school (Mathematics & Computer Science) in Grenoble, France. I’ll be there for the next 2 years and I’ll try to do my 3rd year in San Francisco or London or Barcelona… The scool is just great, most of the classes are actually boring but it’s getting better as we get into more advanced stuff…
  • I went for a 10-day trip to Gothenburg (Sweeden) and London… It was awesome, there are some photos. As it was a cultural exchange we received Sweedish and Polish people during a week, it was sooo nice to see them again! Big kisses to Camilo, Karen, Jonas, Petra, Michael, Mari-Liis, Ricardo, Anna, Michael2, and all the others (I can’t remember all the names!)
  • Some hard work on jamendo… We introduced the tags, new URLs (, a new jamloader and so many little things I can’t think of at once.
  • I’ve been playing bass guitar in a few bands for two weeks now, I couldn’t have waited more… I can’t live without daily rehearsals :-)
  • I’ve been meeting so much new people every day, it’s so refreshing! Many foreigners… now I can practice spanish and english :-)

That’s it… enough boring stuff, let’s talk about jamendo!

SO! We’re in a very important period… I need to work endlessly on fixing bugs and implementing our new Web 2.0 features.

I have been doing nearly only technical stuff since I moved to Grenoble, I feel less involved in the day-to-day life of the project and it’s very frustrating… but I hope that’ll change. For various reasons (hmmm) I’ve got even more time to spend on jamendo now so we’ll see.

We are preparing for a big PR roundup of jamendo, maybe we’ll get featured on Slashdot… Time to fix those horrible english translations ;-)