Richard Stallman, Gael Duval… and me!

A few days ago I had the chance to speak with both Richard Stallman (the father of Free Software) and Gael Duval (who created Mandriva, and is now working on a new top-secret projet called Ulteo).

The three of us were actually invited on a panel about the latest copyright law in France. The debate was interesting, I explained how jamendo works and why it is interesting for many artists to make their music free, or “almost free” (RMS, if you read me… ;-)

Before and after the conference we discussed a lot of issues with Richard and Gael, they are both incredible in their own way. So, big kuddos to them and to our host Frederic de Gournay who did an amazing job!

From left to right : Frederic, me, Gael and RMS