New side project: Contrapunctus XIV

J.S. Bach’s last unfinished fugue from The Art of the Fugue has always fascinated me. (Listen to it on Youtube)

Lately I’ve been reviewing many theories about the mysterious abrupt ending at bar 239, one of the most interesting being the thesis of Indra Hughes.

It struck me that there wasn’t any organized place online to collaborate on the matter. As of May 20, it has not even its own Wikipedia page ;-)

So I’ve decided to do something about it!

I’ve just registered which I’ll be opening it in the next few weeks. Here is a tentative feature set:

  • “Learn more about XIV”: mp3s, videos, articles, …
  • Endings: Attempt to build an exhaustive archive. upload CC-licensed mp3s/sheet music, comment, vote, … A kind of very vertical Jamendo ;-)
  • Forum

Hopefully this place will become a reference on the matter, with the ambitious goal of using collaboration and free exchange of ideas to maybe, maybe converge to a consensual ending of XIV.

I’m quite sure it won’t happen but the quest is infinitely interesting in itself ;-)

Feel free to contact me if you want to participate in the launch of the project!