Yet another boring day ?! First album thoughts

Studying mathematics and physics all day long can be quite boring. So from the beginning I think I have to introduce the concept of Yet Another Boring Day (YABD). Basically, this means solving really nasty equations from 8am to 3pm, thinking about everything except this damned bilinear algebra thing!

Ok, I love mathematics. But I’m not so good at it currently, and we don’t study the kind of problems that interest me. I hope engineering school next year will be really interesting!

So what did I think about today? Hmmm, my first album. I’ve written down a tentative track list. I also have an idea of the title and of the artwork. It’s very tempting to post them here, but I know I’ve to keep them secret for a while, as I won’t have the time to record it until July (there are some exams before entering engineer school, you know ?). But it’s going to be exciting to record and to compose my own music alone (I only have ~50% of it done). There will be many guests though :) I’ve also been thinking about a long trip-hop/progressive song, mostly instrumental, closing the album. Can’t tell you more :)