Working on jamendo

Today I worked on the jamendo gallery. I fixed some config issues I had seen when building my own gallery yesterday. I still have to figure out how to do a great header that can be standalone as well as embedded into an iframe in artists’ websites. Maybe I’ll wait until our first artists get it done.

I’ve also looked at peercast because it was on /. ; nothing new there. there are still no real radios, the clients seem to suck, but I’ll give it a try when we’ll set up ices. Even if it’s hard to set up, we love to be early adopters :) It would be great to have jamendo CC radio on top of their yellow pages!

Now I’ve to get back to work on iRATE, trying to get svn working on my laptop in order to commit the updated XMLRPC server code to berlios.

Laurent & Pierre are skiing right now, so I’ve to work 3 times harder to get this project up :/ There’s so much work to be done… I think to get to RC stage for jamendo, we’d need about 2 ; So if we want to do it in, say 4 months, we’ve got to be 6 in the team. Wait, we are already 6 ?! Hmm got it. 6 guys working FULL TIME !!