now up / 24 401

I spent this evening setting up the jamendo iRATE server. I’m testing it right now. For a time being, it will only be used by the jamendo website, but the iRATE client team should start implementing the new protocol very soon. More on this later, I’ll post the results of my first recommendation tests on jamendo. Sounds exciting!

We also watched 24 401 tonight, was quite OK : we’ll miss Tony Almeida for sure, and the terrorist family is too cliché, but hey, the end of the EP is really excellent! I love this in 24. There are only 2 minutes left, there’s plenty of action, explosions & co, the camera splits, you breathe.. and it’s over. You don’t have really the time to see all the images because of the splits, so you end up trying to see as much as you can, you get really nervious, … that’s really what I call a great watching atmosphere!