Public domain is so morbid :/

Today I made the tracklist of the upcoming album of my former choir on jamendo. It’s a compilation of public domain songs we recorded over our 3 CDs. So we had to check all the dates of death of all the authors. It’s quite sad some of our best songs were harmonized by third-party authors, thus forbiding the Creative Commons license for them. The weirdest part is that when checking the biography of Gabriel Fauré, and seeing he died in 1924, we celebrated it! That such a great man had died actually made us happy…

Imagine wishing the death of your favourite rock stars (mines currently being Incubus), to be able to remix their songs on your last 90-year album … Let’s hope they’ll switch to Creative Commons before :(

My first official composition, an Ave Maria dedicated to my cousin Elisabeth who motivated me to learn piano, is also featured on this album. The recording doesn’t satisfy me at all though, because as it’s the last CD the choir recorded before splitting, it was very rushed (2 sessions of 4 hours for 13+ tracks !), and the mix is horrible as it wasn’t released to the public. Maybe we’ll record it again to include it on my first album.

Anyway, here’s the tracklisting of the album, (don’t expect a release until next week though) :

  1. Go down Moses (Negro Spiritual)
  2. Soon and Very Soon (Negro Spiritual)
  3. Go tell it on the mountain (Negro Spiritual)
  4. Let us break bread (Negro Spiritual)
  5. Ave Maria (Sylvain Zimmer)
  6. Cantate Domino (Johann Cruger)
  7. Cantique de Jean Racine (Gabriel Fauré)
  8. Jubilemus Exultemus (François Couperin)
  9. Nocturnes (W.A. Mozart)
  10. Psaume 61 (Joseph Haydn)
  11. Cantate Domino (Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni)
  12. Messe à 3 voix (Antonio Lotti)
  13. O bone Jesu (Carl Gottlieb Reissiger)
  14. Alma Redemptoris Mater (G.P. da Palestrina)
  15. L’immensité du firmament (Benedetto Marcello)