Spock’s Beard v2

The new album of Spock’s Beard is out! Time for a quick review…

The first listening left me quite disapointed. It’s very prog, so you can’t really say anything except “wow … too much” the first day :)

I’ve had to time to listen to it more extensively now, and all I can say is that I love it! The style of previous one (the first with the new line-up without the giant Neal Morse) is definitely extended here. There’s no track I love as much as “The Bottom Line”, but “The ballet of the impact”, “NWC” and “Of the beauty of it all” are hits for sure!

Well, hits… I doubt they’ll be featured on national radio one day, but that’s not where prog lovers belong, right?

I’m trying to convince a few friends and Adeline (my lovely girlfriend :) to come with me see them live in Beligum next month. The problem is that they use to listen only to the first few seconds of each track… They don’t know what they’d miss if they skipped “The bottom line” just because of the opening riff!