jamendo is getting HOT

Everything at jamendo is crazy these days. Albums are coming in faster and faster, we got a link on Creative Commons, the word is spreading about us in French press, translators are knocking to the door every day… The future has never looked so bright.

I still manage to release a new feature each week on the website, but it’s getting harder to stay in sync with the overall status of the project. I released the new backoffice for artists a week ago after a few days of testing and everything went fine ;-) The next big thing we are going to work on is the new member area (improved registration, profile, recommendations, “blog this album” feature, …)

In the meantime, I spoke with Mike Linksvayer from CC who recommended me for an internship in San Francisco this summer. Simply amazing! Entering the CC sphere was one of my main motivations when I created jamendo. Maybe I could have done it simplier but anyway… it’s not done yet. The only problem if I go there is… will I come back to France? ;-)