jamendo and Creative Commons reach 10 million French people on prime time TV news!

This is incredible. Yesterday jamendo had a special 2-minute feature on the first french TV channel, in the news report of Sunday evening which is basically one of the most viewed TV shows in France. A conservative estimate of the audience is 10+ million.

The report was really clear and focused on both the artists and Creative Commons, with Pierre from Jamendo explaining shortly what’s CC, and a zoom on a License Deed.

It’s so exciting to bring CC into mainstream like that. I really feel that this is the greatest accomplishment for jamendo so far. Now that more than 10 million people have heard of what we’re doing, a lot of things are going to be much easier.

Here is the full video in French:

Note for fun: our servers went down seconds after the airing ;-) We expected our database to crash but surprisingly our load balancer died first. It took us a few minutes to get the website back up but since then we have been experiencing very high trafic.

Some figures… Today we have 10.000+ members and countless new album uploads, yesterday we had more than 600 concurrent BitTorrent downloads, our main BitTorrent seeder was uploading at 5Mo/s… Impressive! Keep sharing!