Road trip to Florence, Italy

My blog has been down for a few days… we had some serious hardware failures so we were too busy working on jamendo.

I just came back from a 5-day-long road trip to Florence with my girlfriend Eliane! This was really among the best holidays in my life so I’ll try to keep some memories here.

I took the car from Grenoble to L’albenc where I picked up Eliane and eventually met his mother and little sister for the first time. Then we drove to Montelimar, France where we had lunch with my aunt and her little family. We arrived to St Raphael on the coast right on time for the office, and we spent a lovely evening on the seaside.

We slept in the car every night with a quite comfortable home-made bed, maybe the trickiest moment of each day was when we were looking in the dark for a place to park the car and spend the rest of the night. It was really funny to wake up and discover the landscape that we hadn’t seen completely before.

So we did that in St Raphael and drove to Genova, Italy on Thursday. There, we ate in a good restaurant and visited the city until the night came. Genova has a great historical center and it was worth the walk!

Friday, we drove to Pisa, then to Vinci (birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci) and then to Sienna. It was 6pm when we arrived there and I’ve to say that Sienna amazed me… it’s a so beautiful and small old city that I wouldn’t mind buying an house there someday ;-) The streets are so … human! We ate in yet another delicious (and expensive!) restaurant and we slept near San Gimigianno.

We didn’t get to Florence before 1pm because we got stuck in the field where we parked the car! It was crazy, we tried to get the car out of there during 1 hour but it was quite impossible for us and a few wood sticks. So we asked some local farmer to use his tractor to pull the car… and he agreed ;-) In my opinion it was actually too easy! We could have given him some gift but we had nothing, so once again, thank you!

Florence was fine, I was expecting to be dissapointed… I think I find it boring and a little bit overrated. Of course there are some incredible momuments and museums but you have to pay in order to visit every single church and tourist spot so it wasn’t really motivating for us poor students ;-)

After a last visit in the north of Florence on Sunday morning, we drove back to Grenoble and nearly got stuck in the snow near Briancon, France. But we made it!

I’m so happy to be full of happy memories of this trip with Eliane, I hope they’ll last! Of course now it’s quite hard to get back to work on jamendo, but as you know … the show must go on…