10 reasons why the Colbert Report is one of the funniest shows ever

I must say I’m really addicted to the Colbert Report. I watch a lot of shows but this one is really the funniest I have seen in years. Here are the 10 reasons that make the Report so special:

  1. The ” … Tonight! ” head gesture: each show begins by a 30-second summary, and in his best days Stephen performs a head gesture that’s just… incredibly funny. You must watch the show to understand what I mean!
  2. Using his audience to perform pranks: He made his most hardcore viewers edit Wikipedia, throw the GM annual report on the ice of a hockey game, vote for him as a proposal for the new name of an hungarian Bridge, …
  3. His “Better know a district” interviews: ezrzer
  4. Being fond of himself: rzerzerz
  5. Inventing new words: Superstantial, Truthiness
  6. Being simply funny: Stealing an owen at Fox,
  7. Having the balls to do it: Correspondent dinners