TEDGlobal 2010 day 0 : Gooooal ;-)

First evening at TEDGlobal was spent in the Keble College student bar, watching the World Cup finale in a nice relaxed atmosphere. What struck me was the general friendliness all around, and instead of wondering “What’s the total net worth of all the people here?” like you could do in some circumstances, it was more like “How much good are these people going to do around the world in the next 10 years ?“.

So it was nice to hang around with a few speakers and members of the staff. But I have to admit the main interest was the Spain-Netherlands game, and after the really late Spanish victory (not that there was any doubt on who would win) we went to the city center of Oxford, filled with crazy spanish students :)

It’s now Monday morning, we’re registering, picking up our infamous TED Gift bags and we’ll begin in an hour with the TEDx Workshop :-)