Adopting a strict disclosure policy

I am taking advantage of the latest relaunch of my blog to adopt a strict disclosure policy regarding my angel investments and my involvement in various projects.

As the main curator for dotConferences, I feel I have a responsibility to be as transparent as possible regarding the speakers we invite, even though we don’t use CFPs (for various reasons that I’ll explain in an upcoming post).

So from now on I will list all the companies and projects I have a stake in on my homepage. There won’t necessarily be many more in the future and the impact of having a speaker on stage is probably zero for most companies’ valuations, but it just feels like the right thing to do to make sure our audience continues to trust us to invite speakers without any hidden agenda or financial bias.

Another way to increase the transparency (and quality!) of our curation is to involve more people. We have 4 great co-curators so far: Thomas Bassetto (dotJS), Maurice Svay (dotCSS), Dave Cheney (dotGo) and newly announced Daniel Steinberg (dotSwift). They are all experts in their fields and respected members of the community. We feel very lucky to have them involved!